HKS Technical Factory GTR35 Details. HKSテクニカルファクトリー R35 GT-R

HKS Technical Factory’s GTR35 has HKS GT1000 kit in its engine bay and Varis full bodykit all round exterior.
Its specifications are exactly the same as HKS Premium Day, but we had incredible result at this time attack and photo shooting session for GT-R Magazine held at Fuji Speedway on 6th March 2014.

HKSテクニカルファクトリーのR35 GT-Rは先日のHKSプレミアムデイで披露された仕様と同一で、VarisのフルエアロにHKS GT1000キットがベースとなったもの。しかしながらGT-Rマガジンの富士スピードウェイでのロケ当日には、谷口信輝選手のドライブにより驚きの結果を導き出しました。

Top Secret GTR35 Details. トップシークレット R35 GT-R

As you know, Top Secret and “Smoky Nagata” is one of the most popular GT-R tuning brand over the world since their “legend” in England back in 1990’s.
This R35 GT-R produces 1030ps. Top Secret tested both the standard radial tires and racing slick tires at this GT-R Magazine’s time attack and photo shooting session at Fuji Speedway. Apparently, we saw the huge gap of the lap time between with radial tires and with racing slicks.

トップシークレットは1030馬力を誇るR35 GT-RでGT-Rマガジンの富士スピードウェイでのロケに参加。ノーマルのラジアルタイヤとスリックタイヤを持ち込んで比較も行いました。スリックタイヤの方がラップタイムが良いことは想像できますが、ここまで違うとは。。。

Win a supercar for € 14.99… Really? スーパーカー宝くじはたったの14.99ユーロ…、本当?

Auto Gespot had an article featuring on “Win Your Spercar” which is a lottery for winning a supercar. Apparently, the lottery is usually sold for € 49.99, but it’s only € 14.99 for unknown perio of time. Participating in this unique opportunity might make you the winner of a brand new BMW M5. You could also consider the Nissan GT-R or the Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG. Buying a ticket for each of these three cars is of course possible and will enhance your chances.

And they will pay for everything (fuel, tires, road tax: up to € 50,000) for three years and the winner can do anything with the car after three years.

As we took out our credit cards, we came to my senses. The lottery tickets are only limited to 9999. What if they sold 9999 lottery tickets for € 14.99… they would not make any money. If they sold 9999 lottery tickets for € 49.99… yeah, they can make a fair bit of profit… but what if the winner resided in Singapore where cars are 4-5 times more expensive than Germany or Japan where these cars come from…

No, we are not accusing this lottery to be a scam. But at the same time, you might want to be careful.
As I read the article on Auto Gespot more carefully, I notice a banner advertisement for Win Your Supercar on the same page… And I think to myself “Oh, this is not a proper article but a paid publicity”.

\We won’t stop you from dreaming and if you want to participate in this, by all means, please! We wish you the best of luck. YOU HAVE TO BE IN IT TO WIN IT, as they say.

We will keep our eyes on Win Your Supercar for as long as we can and see if there really is a winner or not. Till then, we decided not to participate in this lottery.


AUTO GESPOT というサイトに“14.99ポンドでスーパーカーを当てよう”という記事があり速攻、読んでみました。要はスーパーカー宝くじで、掲載されている車(BMW M5、M・ベンツC63AMG、日産GT-R)を応募者が選択し、チケットを購入するんです。チケットは限定販売で、募集枚数(ページにカウンターが用意されています)に達すると抽選。後日、当選番号がホームページに公開されるんですって。





ついでに言うと、このAUTO GESPOTの記事自体、よくよく見るとトップバナーに当該宝くじサイトの広告が貼り込まれていて“ああ、タイアップ記事なのね”って思わせてくれます。

GT-R Otakuでは確認できるかぎり、この宝くじサイトに注目していく所存です!e

HKS GT1000plus GTR35 Details

HKS’s brand new flagship demo car “HKS GT1000plus GTR35”. GT-R Magazine carried out comparison of the lap time between the standard-based front bodykit and HKS GT1000plus special front bodykit at Fuji Speedway.

1月のHKSプレミアムデイでお披露目されたHKSのフラッグシップデモカー「GT1000プラス R35 GT-R」。GT-Rマガジンの取材では、フロントバンパーとフロントフェンダーをノーマルベースの物の状態と、専用のエアロに交換した状態とでのラップタイムの比較を実施。