1200ps GT-R reached 323.2km/h… you will be surprised to read more. 1200㎰のGT-Rが323.2km/hに到達・・・、もっと読めば驚きます!

An R35 that has been modified to 1200ps managed to average 323.2km/h… Yes, sure. Not surprising at all, is it? Well… until you hear that the record was achieved by a blind man!

Mike Newman, an ex-bank manager… I don’t know why he is always introduced as “an ex-bank manager” but all the media coverage do so… set a record of 299.3km/h last year with a Porsche 911 Turbo.

At that point, he has set the world’s fastest blind driver record but he challenged himself, probably wanting to break the 200mph barrier. Newman used the Elvington Airfield and its 1.8-mile (2.9 km) runway where he was required to perform back to back runs. At the end of the two runs, his speed was averaged to a new record of 200.9 mph (323.2 km/h).


ニューマン氏、Speed of Sightという身体障害者のためのモータースポーツ団体を主宰しており、その活動のアピール、またハンディキャップを克服するチャレンジ精神を見せつけてくれました。ちなみに2011年には全盲者による水上最速記録樹立・・・
Newman keeps breaking the blind land speed record in order to promote the organization, Speed of Sight. This charity makes it possible for people with disabilities to experience the thrill of driving a car around a race track. In addition to land speed records, the Speed of Sight website also says Newman has set a water speed record

Newman, also, did acrobatic vertical loops (aka, loop-the-loops). He is a brave… one heck of an adrenaline junky! lol

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