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It’s winter and I can’t wait for Ice Ricers’ videos. Ice Ricersの動画が待ち遠しい冬到来ですね

Winter has arrived but GT-R is good for snow, too, as proven by guys at Ice Ricers. I’ve always liked their work and I can’t wait to see their new work for 2014… if they are making any.

Who in the right mind would drive UP ski slope at this speed in a car?!

I, especially, like the scene where a GT-R is being followed by snowmobiles. The amount of snow a GT-R scrapes is simply stunning.

I hope Ice Ricers are working on a new project with a GT-R

東京は雪こそ降っていませんが、いよいよ冬らしく寒いですねぇ。寒い冬といえば、スキー。スキーといえばIce Ricersの動画を思い出すんです。特にスノーモービルに追われているGT-Rのシーン、4輪が掻き毟る雪の量、半端じゃありません(笑)。


A man in a wheel chair is a proper drifter! 車椅子のドリフト野郎!

Sedrick was involved in a serious crash two years ago, suffered spinal injury. He could never use his legs after the accident, but this never kept him away from drifiting. He now drives an R32 Nissan Skyline and he drives it well. This Skyline uses an automatic gearbox and features custom hand controls that allow the man do do his thing.

Pretty damn cool and Sedrick gives us courage! We salute you, Sedrick! RESPECT!




R35 that carries a Chevrolet LS1 engine?! シボレーLS1エンジンを搭載するR35?!

I encountered a YouTube video featuring what it appears to be an R35 fitted with Chevrolet LS1 engine…


What? Who would be silly enough to throw away that awesome twin turbo V6, VR38DETT? Well, as it tunred out, the story is quite… mixed up. It’s Nissan, S15, Sylvia with LS1 engine that has been modified to look as an R35! Oh, Russia…





The Drifting R35 GT-R Ben Sopra FRのR35 GT-Rドリフト?!

Some of you may have seen this drifting R35 GT-R Ben Sopra before. This was shot by the GT-R Otaku film crew last year for Yokohama Advan. Ben Sopra has taken away the

advanced 4WD from GT-R to make it into an FR machine. They also have taken away the automatic transmission and threw in a sequential gearbox!

English Sutitle

もしかしたら、この動画をご覧になった覚えがある方もいらっしゃるやもしれません。昨年、ヨコハマアドバン用に撮影された、Ben Sopra R35 GT-R・・・、実はGT-R Otakuの動画撮影

チームが手がけた作品なんです。4WDを捨て、あえて機械式のFR化にしたばかりか、シーケンシャルミッションを搭載した3ペダルなんです。世界に1台のTuning R35 GT-R DriftingCARを谷口信輝選手が華麗にドリフト!