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NISSAN GT-R NISMO Development Story

[Via Nissan Newsroom] Documentary movie of behind-the-scenes of Nissan GT-R NISMO vehicle development. Includes testing scenes from Nurburgring, Sendai, and France, with interviews and attack lap which marked 7:08.679 at the Ring.
NISSAN GT-R NISMO開発の軌跡を追ったドキュメンタリー。独ニュルブルクリンク、仙台ハイラン­ド、フランスの風洞実験場での開発風景や関係者インタビュー、7:08.679をマー­クしたタイムアタックまで。

Michael Krumm Attacks Nürburgring in a Nissan GT-R NISMO

[Via Nissan Newsroom] Full in-car shot of Michael Krumm, racing driver and NISMO Brand Ambassador, setting record lap time of 7:08.679 at Nürburgring Nordscheleife on the Nissan GT-R NISMO. Audio track includes his own comments.
ミハエル・クルム選手がNISSAN GT-R NISMOを駆りニュルブルクリンクで7:08679をマークした車載動画。本人のコ­メント付。

Nismo GT-R teaser film is out… ニスモGT-Rのティザー動画・・・

Sales of the GT-R NISMO will begin in February in Japan. Leaked information on Car and Driver tells us that the output is up from 545 horsepower and 463 lb-ft to 595 horsepower and “more than” 480 lb-ft. The bumps come courtesy of revised intake and exhaust systems, reworked ignition timing, and larger turbochargers swiped from the GT-R GT3 race car. They say they could have raised the out put more but for the sake of saving the transmission, 595 horse power was their answer. The health of the NISMO powerplant is ensured by a new higher-capacity oil pump.

So, Car and Driver comes up with a teaser info like this… then, we can tell you that Nismo GT-R’s was not able to lap Nurburgring under 7:00… But it did pretty damn good!

2月に始まると言われている、ニスモGT-R。すでにCar and Driver誌がスペックをリークしています。最高出力はノーマルの545psから595psに引き上げられているそうです。吸排気の見直し、点火タイミングの見直し、ターボチャージャーをGT3から流用などで実現。本当はもっと最高出力を高めることも出来たそうですが、トランスミッションを守るために595psで抑えたそうです。もちろん、血液であるエンジンオイルを循環させるオイルポンプも強化。

Car and Driver誌がそこまでリークするなら・・・、ニュルブルクリンクのタイムアタックで7分切りは達成できなかったことだけこっそり、書いておきます。でも、決してガッカリさせられるような数値ではありませんよぉ!




Our souces have informed us…on Nismo GT-R 内部に詳しい人間によるニスモGT-R情報

I dislike this phrase, as it is so lame, but I’m going to use it anyway… “Our sources have informed us” that the time attack at Nurburgring for Nismo GT-R went superbly well. In fact, they have managed to beat all the previousl records held by R35. The time is yet to be revealed at Tokyo Motorshow in November but we heard some other interesting things regarding Nismo GT-R as well.

We cannot, unfortunately, confirm any of the information stated below and we hold no responsibilities for our misrepresentation…

1.Time attack was done by not only Sebastian Buemi but, apparently, Michael Krumm took part as well.
2.Target lap time was 7:10 and it was achieved by Michael Krumm.
3.Nismo will come in three, or less, different specifications just like R34’s S-tune, R-tune and Z-tune.
4.Nismo and Williams focused on aerodynamics of the car and have managed to increase downforce significantly, which led to the successful record beating lap time.

You may believe them, you may laugh them off as rumors. In a month time, truth shall prevail!

Nismo Skyline GT-R Z-tune


ただ、いずれの情報もあくまでも伝聞ですので、GT-R Otakuでは一切の責任を負えません(笑)。

3.ニスモGT-RはR34スカイラインGT-Rの時のように、S-チューン 、R-チューン、Z-チューンと複数グレード用意される


Time attack footage of Nismo GT-R