Jaguar F type R coupe VS Nissan GT-R, the battle of the 550ps’ ジャガーFタイプRクーペVS日産GT-R最高出力550㎰バトル

Jaguar F Type R carries a 5l supercharged engine that produces 550ps. It is the same number of horse power as the R35 GT-R and Autocar decided to make a video on their handling test as well as putting them for a time trial.

F Type R weighs 1650kg, GT-R weighs 1740kg and their 0-100km/h time is 4.2sec and 2.7 respectively. Yes, yes, Jaguar is a FR machine and GT-R is a 4WD machine but I’m really starting to wonder what “power to weight ratio” really tells us…