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Jaguar F type R coupe VS Nissan GT-R, the battle of the 550ps’ ジャガーFタイプRクーペVS日産GT-R最高出力550㎰バトル

Jaguar F Type R carries a 5l supercharged engine that produces 550ps. It is the same number of horse power as the R35 GT-R and Autocar decided to make a video on their handling test as well as putting them for a time trial.

F Type R weighs 1650kg, GT-R weighs 1740kg and their 0-100km/h time is 4.2sec and 2.7 respectively. Yes, yes, Jaguar is a FR machine and GT-R is a 4WD machine but I’m really starting to wonder what “power to weight ratio” really tells us…




Audi RS6 is one of the fastest cars of Audi but… R35 is still faster. アウディRS6は速いけど・・・、R35には負けるんです

Audi RS6 (Avant or sedan) used to have twin-turbo V10 engines and now that the model has been ditched in favor of a less-powerful V8-powered model, the crew over at EVO magazine decided to make sure it was still as fast as an RS6 deserves to be. They first pitted RS6 against its smaller brother, the RS4, and then a Nissan GT-R.

A fairly interesting and eloquent video, though we kind-of expected this result… Evo thinks it was a good job by the RS6 but… it still lost…