Exhaust flame cooking! エキゾースト・バックファイア・クッキング

We admire the work of Shemee150. He gets around the world and shoots exotic supercars not many people will encounter everyday. And he made this video of Christmas Turkey being cooked with Lamborghini AventaDEER. He must’ve thought it was funny but…hmmm.



Cooking something with shooting flames is nothing new.

As far as I can remember, this was the first video to show us that exhaust flames can cook a sausage.

Someone in China did the same and they managed to set fire on a sausage.


We would love to see GT-Rs cooking something with spitting flames since they do a good job as well.





Ah… the explosive sound is simply amazing.

Unofficial Juke R is very cool! ロシアのチューナーが作り出したジュークR仕様

Juke R, undoubtedly, is one of the craziest and funkiest cars around with a very BIG price tag. As it is a Nissan Juke with an R35 hardware, the Russian tuning house called SV Engineering decided to build one themselves. Some people may remember this epic run of Juke R against Bugatti Veyron. It could not quite beat the Veyron but it was pretty close.


Currently, this Juke R is running at bit over 800ps…


We would like to see more transplant of R35 hardware…


Nissan Skyline GT-R with a price tag of 1,000,000 Euros?! 日産スカイラインGT-Rが100万ユーロ?!

A German car shop called “GT-A” has Nissan Skyline GT-R of the R34 for sale with a price tag of… whopping 1,000,000 Euros. It is claimed that this particular car was driven by Paul Walker’s Brian O’Conner character from the Fast and the Furious movie franchise used in the fourth film.

This, also, is an R34 which starred in Fast and Furious 4…

It is a replica of GT-R made from GT-S.

This , also, is an R34 which starred in Fast and Furious 4…

It is a replica , used for stunts, of GT-R made from… god knows what and carries a VW bug engine.

After a bit of Googling, there seems to be 7 R34s/R34 replicas used in the shoot of Fast and Furious 4… Would you still pay 1,000,000 Euros for this GT-R?

It’s winter and I can’t wait for Ice Ricers’ videos. Ice Ricersの動画が待ち遠しい冬到来ですね

Winter has arrived but GT-R is good for snow, too, as proven by guys at Ice Ricers. I’ve always liked their work and I can’t wait to see their new work for 2014… if they are making any.

Who in the right mind would drive UP ski slope at this speed in a car?!

I, especially, like the scene where a GT-R is being followed by snowmobiles. The amount of snow a GT-R scrapes is simply stunning.

I hope Ice Ricers are working on a new project with a GT-R

東京は雪こそ降っていませんが、いよいよ冬らしく寒いですねぇ。寒い冬といえば、スキー。スキーといえばIce Ricersの動画を思い出すんです。特にスノーモービルに追われているGT-Rのシーン、4輪が掻き毟る雪の量、半端じゃありません(笑)。