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Qashqai R built by Severn Valley Motorsport キャシュカイRという名の怪物がイギリスで誕生!

Nissan is building limited numbers of exclusive Juke R and the Russians are building their own version of Juke R. What did the Brits do?

To put it simply, British GT-R tuning specialist Severn Valley Motorsport (SVM) took the shell of Nissan’s family-orientated 7-seater crossover and dropped it on the modified chassis and…tuned mechanical hardware of an R35 GT-R.

The exterior of the car is a mixture of elements from the GT-R and the Qashqai, while inside, it’s mostly R35 right down to the Recaro seats and instrument panel, with modifications where necessary.





For more photos, head over to SVM’s Facebook page.

Unofficial Juke R is very cool! ロシアのチューナーが作り出したジュークR仕様

Juke R, undoubtedly, is one of the craziest and funkiest cars around with a very BIG price tag. As it is a Nissan Juke with an R35 hardware, the Russian tuning house called SV Engineering decided to build one themselves. Some people may remember this epic run of Juke R against Bugatti Veyron. It could not quite beat the Veyron but it was pretty close.


Currently, this Juke R is running at bit over 800ps…


We would like to see more transplant of R35 hardware…