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Jaguar F type R coupe VS Nissan GT-R, the battle of the 550ps’ ジャガーFタイプRクーペVS日産GT-R最高出力550㎰バトル

Jaguar F Type R carries a 5l supercharged engine that produces 550ps. It is the same number of horse power as the R35 GT-R and Autocar decided to make a video on their handling test as well as putting them for a time trial.

F Type R weighs 1650kg, GT-R weighs 1740kg and their 0-100km/h time is 4.2sec and 2.7 respectively. Yes, yes, Jaguar is a FR machine and GT-R is a 4WD machine but I’m really starting to wonder what “power to weight ratio” really tells us…




English publications like comparing Audi RS6 against R35?!   イギリスの自動車誌はアウディRS6とR35比較が大好き?!

We have just recently featured an article on the test done by EVO. It was a comparison against Audi RS4 and RS6 at the beginning and ultimately, RS6 vs GT-R. AUTO CAR just released a video featuring on the comparison test between RS6 and GT-R.

Why do English publications think RS6 could be a rival for GT-R? They both point out that GT-R is faster and RS6 is more luxurious… Tell us something we didn’t know! Well, AUTO CAR found out that the brakes on Audi RS6 stops faster from 100mph-0 than GT-R.

Anyway, whenever I see a face of Steve Sutcliff, I always watch this accident…
AUTO CARのスティーブ・サックリフ氏ですが・・・、彼を見るたびに思い出すのが、このジャガーSタイプRの試乗会模様です・・・。

つい先日、イギリスのEVO誌がまずはアウディRS4vsRS6を特集し、勝者であるRS6がGT-Rと対決した動画をご紹介しました。本日は同じくイギリスのAUTO CAR誌が取り上げたRS6とGT-Rの対決モノです。

EVO誌は「負けはしたけどRS6は、しっかりGT-Rに付いて行った」とあまりよく分からない結論でした(笑)。AUTO CARでは加速、横G、ワインディング走行タイム、ブレーキ、内装を比較。加速、横G、ワインディング走行、いずれもGT-Rが勝つんですが、驚いたことにブレーキはRS6の勝ち。重たくて大きい車なのに、凄いですね。