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R35 that carries a Chevrolet LS1 engine?! シボレーLS1エンジンを搭載するR35?!

I encountered a YouTube video featuring what it appears to be an R35 fitted with Chevrolet LS1 engine…


What? Who would be silly enough to throw away that awesome twin turbo V6, VR38DETT? Well, as it tunred out, the story is quite… mixed up. It’s Nissan, S15, Sylvia with LS1 engine that has been modified to look as an R35! Oh, Russia…





Nissan Patrol with modified R33 Skyline engine! 日産パトロールにR33の改造エンジンを載せる遊び

The guys from Bijou Motorsport have decided to fit an RB25GET from R33 Skyline into a Nissan Patrol(codenamed Y60 and built between 1987 and 1997)… Not much is known about the builder nor how it came to be, but the author of the videos tells us that the fourth generation Patrol had an engine transplant from a Nissan Skyline (probably the R33). We’re also not aware if the RB25DET engine is stock or not, but data shows that the 2.5-liter turbocharged straight-six produced from 245hp to 276hp (280PS), depending on the version. But it doesn’t sound bad.
Oh they, certainly, know how to have fun!

Well then, why do we not search for something else on YouTube, right? And we came across an R33 Skyline GT-R carrying 8.3V10 engine from Dodge Viper along with an R35 GT-R with… Lancer Evolution front bumper! lol

日産パトロールといえば、トヨタランドクルーザーと並んで日本であまり売れない、海外で重宝されているクロスカントリー車の重鎮です。ハッキリ言って、高級ブランドのSUVとは走りの格が違います(笑)。っで、そんなパトロール(Y60型)にR33スカイラインのRB25GETエンジンを搭載したのがブルガリアのBijou Motorsportです。情報はごくわずかしかなく、謎めいていますが、とにかく楽しそうです。


Skyper 8.3lV10


R35 with Lancer Evolution bumper?!


Nissan VR38 engines are built by TAKUMIs… 日産VR38エンジンは匠によって組み立てられる

The 3.8-liter at the front of the Nissan GT-R is the company’s pride and joy. The unit is hand-built by four craftsmen, now, at the Nissan factory in Yokohama and now the company wants them to tell their story.These men are called Takumi and you’ll find their names on the signature plates mounted on the powerplants and the video below brings us into the room where these engines are born. The Takumi aslo share their view on building these special engines.

As far as I’m concerned, Nissan should have done this from the beginning when they released R35. Nissan’s VR38 engines are ALL tested for 45minutes, consuming nealy 50l, ensuring the power output of what Nissan claims. I don’t think no other mass producing automobile manufacturer does this…

One more thing… Couldn’t Nissan hire someone who produces better films than those? lol

「Handbuilt by Takumi Kurosawa(クロサワ・タクミによる手組み)」というYouTubeビデオがNissan News Roomというチャンネルで公開されています。日産「GT-R」に搭載されているVR38エンジンには、2013年モデルからエンジン組み立てを担当した職人のネームプレートが貼られているんです。