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It’s winter and I can’t wait for Ice Ricers’ videos. Ice Ricersの動画が待ち遠しい冬到来ですね

Winter has arrived but GT-R is good for snow, too, as proven by guys at Ice Ricers. I’ve always liked their work and I can’t wait to see their new work for 2014… if they are making any.

Who in the right mind would drive UP ski slope at this speed in a car?!

I, especially, like the scene where a GT-R is being followed by snowmobiles. The amount of snow a GT-R scrapes is simply stunning.

I hope Ice Ricers are working on a new project with a GT-R

東京は雪こそ降っていませんが、いよいよ冬らしく寒いですねぇ。寒い冬といえば、スキー。スキーといえばIce Ricersの動画を思い出すんです。特にスノーモービルに追われているGT-Rのシーン、4輪が掻き毟る雪の量、半端じゃありません(笑)。