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Lightning struck R35, Radzilla! 稲妻に打たれたようなR35、ゴジラならぬラジラ

A photo of a GT-R was sent to us by one of our GT-R Otaku’s staff, Shin. He is in Toyo Tyre booth, at SEMA, with guys from Liberty Walk. If you feel like saying Hello!, by all means, please do so. Anyway what caught our attention is this mean looking R35.

What does it do?

How is it different?

We did some Google search and found out that the car had been modified by FlyRyde who specializes in custom lighting. The car is nicknamed as “Nissan GT-R Radzilla” and here’s Radzila in action.

GT-R OtakuメンバーのShinがラスベガスで催されている、SEMAショーから一枚の写真を送ってきました。SEMAショーを訪れている方は、TOYOタイヤブースでShinにお気軽にSay Hello!ってなわけで、気になるこのR35…






Radzilla’s Instagram is here.

A new speed record for GT-R at UNLIMITED+500 Unlimited+500におけるGT-Rの記録更新

The 1,700hp+ Nissan GT-R Goliath by Switzer set a new top speed record in a 1 mile (1.6 kilometers) run for GT-Rs at the latest Moscow Unlimited 500+ racing event. According to the organizers, only two other vehicles have surpassed the 400km/h mark in a 1 mile run, a “Ford GT at 430km/h and a Chevrolet Camaro at 402km/h.

Switzer’s heavily modified, yet, street legal GT-R Goliath reached a speed of 402.23 km/h in 1 mile after just 22.602 seconds.

The Goliath was made for an unnamed client (likely from Russia) with Switzer stating the following about said car:

The car the client asked us to build had to be ‘for street use’, not just ‘street legal’. “The difference there is the difference between ‘comfortable’ and ‘tolerable’. He made it very clear that he expected this to be a ‘real car’ with full climate control, cruise control, sound system – all the amenities, in other words.

He also wanted the car to run a low 20-second ET at the Moscow Unlimited.





G63AMG Hennessey HPE700 VS R35…G63AMGへネシーHPE700対R35

What happens when you drag race a stock Nissan GTR against 2013 AMG G63 G-Wagon upgraded with the Hennessey HPE700 upgrade? Hint: Always put the GTR in R mode or the race could be quite different….