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A secret document on MY2015 has leaked out! R35 MY2015の情報入手



<Track edition engineered by nismo>
Black edition

Premium editionをベースにR34スカイラインGT-R Mスペックと同じ「シリカブレス」が奢られるほか、室内とエンジンルーム内に専用ナンバープレートが配される限定車(45台)。

Pure edition
Black edition
Premium edition
Track edition engineered by nismo

9,477,000(Pure edition?)~11,700,720(Track edition?)円

2014 Nissan GT-R


MY2015 Nissan GT-R will be introduced and will be on sale from 25th November. GT-R Otaku has managed to obtain a secret document with detail of the MY2015 GT-R. The new MY2015 is not track focused but aimed at being the “premium sport” and thus became even more comfortable than the MY2014.

<What they have changed>
*With MY2014, Nissan’s engineers looked into lessening of the pitching in ride quality. With MT2015, they looked into the horizontal movement of the ride quality. Nissan claims the stability of the MY2015 GT-R is 4times higher than that of Porsche 911, 3times higher than that of Mercedes Benz C63 AMG… We do not know how Nissan measured the difference…
*The damping of the shock absorbers have been changed and ECU has been remapped accordingly. MY2015 GT-R’s agility has increased a great deal.
*The material as well as the design of the tires have been refined. They not only grip better but absorb unnecessary road information thus providing better ride quality.
*Engine, transmission, trans-axel, driveshaft have all been refined to have less constructional “gaps”. Lessening the gaps has led to less mechanical noise and lessened the friction losses. The bearings of the transmission have been altered by few microns.
*By lessoning of friction losses, acceleration of the MY2015 has improved an ECU has been refined accordingly.

<Track edition engineered by nismo>
From MY2014, the ride and handling of the GT-R has changed drastically. From MY2015, in order to accommodate more demanding customers, Nissan will introduce a new model called “track edition engineered by nismo” based on Black edition.
Rigid bonding body
Wide front fenders with air outlets
Track edition dedicated suspension
Track edition dedicated front/rear stabilizers with stiffer springs
Track edition dedicated Rays Aluminum forged rims
Track edition dedicated tires (DUNLOP SP SPORT MAXX GT600 DSST)

<45th anniversary model>
Based on Premium editon, 45 of the 45th anniversary will be on sale. The body color will be Silica Breath, same as R34 Skyline GT-R M spec, and will have dedicated anniversary plates in the interior as well as the engine room.
45th Anniversary models will be introduced on 25th November, Nissan will take orders from the beginning of January 2015 and will be sold from 25th February.
<The lineup of MY2015 GT-R>
Pure edition
Black edition
Premium edition
Track edition engineered by nismo

<price range>
9,477,000(Pure edition?)yen ~11,700,720(Track edition?)yen