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人間はスリルを楽しむ生き物なんです。だからジェットコースターが遊園地にあるんでしょうし、スカイダイビングやバンジージャンプが流行るんでしょうねぇ。そして、遊園地に行かずとも、そらから墜ちなくても、人に笑顔をもたらすのがGT-Rであることが発覚しました(笑)。To the floor.comというサイトがYouTubeにあるGT-R加速同乗動画のコンピレーションを作ったようです。


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Human is thrill seeking animal. Roller coasters, sky-diving, bungy jump… you name it. We have just found out that you don’t have to go to a theme park nor do you have to fall out from the sky to smile… To the has come up with a GT-R video consisting of various people having to sit on passenger seat and experience GT-R’s brethtaking acceleration.

Young or old, male or female, everyone smiles in the end, no matter how scared they may initially be. It is, probably, fair to say that GT-R is one hell of dopamine secreting machine…lol

NISSAN GT-Rが氷上走行での世界最速記録を達成

SIBERIA, Russia – Russian race driver Roman Rusinov and auto journalist Andrey Leontjev pushed the Nissan GT-R across a frozen Lake Baikal, setting a new national speed ice driving record of 294.8 kph (183 mph).

The speed record on ice was a joint project of Nissan in Russia and LAV Productions company, taking place at Small Sea Strait – part of the Baikal water area between western coast and Ol’khon isle. The Nissan GT-R 2012 model year used winter non-studded Bridgestone tires.

The length of the track was divided into an acceleration part – 3.5 km, timekeeping part – 1 km, and breaking area – 3.5 km. The driving attempts were fixed and evaluated by a specially-created committee of the Russian Automotive Federation, and also a group of four judges from Yaroslavl, Omsk, Yekaterinburg and Moscow. The car starts from standing position and develops maximum speed on the distance of 1000 meters (1 km). RAF fixes average speed on this route.

The 540-horsepower GT-R production car had no modifications, running the 3.8-liter, V6 engine on the frozen surface of the world’s deepest lake in southern Siberia, with a result for the history books. Enjoy this video of their record ice escapade.

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