GT-R Magazine Vol.111 on sale from 1st June! 「GT-R Magazine 111号」6月1日(土)発売!

4door GT-R was available with second generation GT-R, R33. This is the photo of that rare “Autech Version”. The body is scattered with rust and this car was deteriorating but we have decided to restore it. Will 4door R33 make a complete recovery?!



The main feature, of the latest issue of GT-R Magazine (Vol.111), is “Life with GT-Rs” and shows you people who are enjoying their GT-Rs with various styles. Six readers have sworn to spend their lives with GT-Rs and will tell us of their tales on the love they endure towards their machines. As for the red Hakosuka GT-R(KPGC10) is owned by one of those six and to our/your surprise… the body is made of dry carbon except for roof, rear fender and back panel! Other feature articles are just as dramatic. There is an article on a driver who bought his R32 brand new, back in 1989, and has been driving it for the past 23 years, there is also a story on a driver who has driven his R32 for more than 400,000km etc.

GT-R Magazine Vol.111 contents: “Life with GT-Rs”/ Prelude of BNR34 Nur engine maturity/ R33 Autech version revival/ Anatomy of BCNR33/ GT-R Magazine original exhaust development/ R’s Meeting 2013 in Fuji Speedway begins its entries etc.

GT-R Magazine最新号(111号)の巻頭企画は、「GT-Rのある人生」と題して、さまざまなスタイルでGT-Rライフを楽しんでいる熱いオーナーが登 場。GT-R と出会い、GT-Rとともに一生歩んで行くことを固く決意する読者代表の6人が、Rに注ぐ深い愛を語ります。ちなみに、今回の表紙に登場している赤いハコ スカGT-R(KPGC10)も今回の巻頭企画に登場するオーナーカーですが、なんと、ルーフとリヤフェンダー、バックパネル以外はすべてドライカーボン 製! その他、R32のデビュー(1989年)と同時に新車で購入し、レストアを施して23年間大切に乗り続けている方や、ワンオーナーで40万km以上 走行しているR32などなど、GT-Rオーナーたちの特別なドラマを紹介しています。

GT-R Magazine 111号の主なコンテンツ:巻頭特集「GT-Rのある人生」/BNR34 Nurエンジン深化の序章/R33オーテックバージョン完全甦生計画・BCNR33解体/Gマガ・オリジナルR32用マフラー開発プロジェクト/R’s Meeting 2013 in 富士スピードウェイ・イベントエントリー受け付け開始etc.

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GT-R Magazine111号