TARGET BNR32 DRAG GT-R 0-400m加速8.111秒のR32?!

This is the fastest R32 GT-R, called TARGET BNR32 DRAG GT-R, in Japan. It has stunned the world with Japan’s tuning know-how as well as the performance of Japanese cars. Best 0-400m time was clocked at 8.111 sec… with an R32, not an R35! And it is believed that some R32s will record 7 seconds soon. The TARGET BNR32 DRAG GT-R is competing for this year’s D&S night, night 0-400m event held in Tohoku area which was struck hard back in 2011 with massive earthquake, and everyone should be watching out for it!

RB26を搭載した第2世代の現車最速DRAG GT-R。日本車のパフォーマンスとチューニング技術水準を世界に知らしめた車両と言ってイイでしょう。ベストタイムは8秒111。近日、数台は7秒台入りは確実!そんな期待を込めて、8月3日のD&Sナイトでは独立して、アトラクションかもしれません。