Easiest way to make your R35 look as MY14 is…to change headlights and tail lamps! R35を手っ取り早くMY14に見せる方法はヘッドライトとテールランプの交換!

Distinctive difference between MY14 and the rest are the headlights as well as tail lamps.
Parts No. are as listed below:
26010-62B0A 195,195yen
26060-62B0A 195,195yen
<Tail lamps>
26550-62B0A 71,610yen
26555-62B0A 71,610yen
No work is necessary for the change of headlights and tail lamps.

As of 28th Nov, Nissan has appx 15 orders for GT-R Nismo and appx 80 orders for MY14.

Here you can purchase the headlight and tail lamp at GTRotaku.com online store.
Link: MY2014 GT-R用LED

26010-62B0A 195,195円
26060-62B0A 195,195円
26550-62B0A 71,610円
26555-62B0A 71,610円

Link: MY2014 GT-R用LED

11月28日現在、GT-R Nismoは約15台、MY14は約80台の受注しているようです。