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GT-R Nismo Parts Prices Unveiled. GT-R NISMOは部品価格も素敵。

When we peruse through the catalogue of GT-R NISMO, we notice quite a number of “NISMO exclusive” parts.
GT-R NISMOのカタログを見ていると、NISMO専用装備というのがいくつかあります。

NISMO Exclusive carbon front bumper/ under cover
NISMO Exclusive carbon side sill outer protector
NISMO Exclusive rear bumper
NISMO Exclusive rear spoiler
NISMO Exclusive dry carbon trunk lid
NISMO Exclusive Rays forged aluminum wheels
NISMO Exclusive suspension
NISMO Exclusive stabilizer (front/rear with higher spring ratios)
NISMO Exclusive wider front fenders
NISMO Exclusive engine cover
NISMO Exclusive GT3 turbine
NISMO Exclusive fuel pump
NISMO Exclusive high pressure reserve tank
NISMO Exclusive carbon back bucket seats
NISMO Exclusive Alcantara steering wheel (with red center ornament)
NISMO Exclusive carbon-look instrument panel (with NISMO logo and red ring)
NISMO Exclusive carbon cluster finisher (with NISMO emblem)
NISMO Exclusive Dunlop tires




As of 1st Feb, prices of tires and seats are still not made public but we have found out the rest.


It was quite popular to turn R32GT-R into “NISMO-look” but with NISMO GT-R, exterior parts will end up costing almost 7 million yen… If we try to turn an “ordinary” GT-R into a NISMO GT-R, exterior parts as well as hardware will cost just as much as the car.


We have, further, looked into “NISMO exclusive” parts and found something interesting.

What caught our attention was the GT3 turbine used in NISMO GT-R. The catalogue says “High capacity integrated turbo built by IHI” and when we checked the parts number… it rang a bell. We dug into our old notebooks and found that the parts number is exactly the same as the ones used in Spec V. So we went to ask our source in IHI and he says “IHI only has one model for this kind of turbo and Subaru(STI’s high end models, we presume) uses the same turbine as well”


Shared parts with “Spec V”
Turbo chargers
high pressure reserve tank
Brake air guide (rear)

Shared parts with “Track Edition”
Front fenders




Part No. Part 品名 Price(ex.Tax)
62022-89S2B Facia, Front Bumper フロントバンパーフェイシア JPY 1,430,000
75830-89S0A Cover, Under Engine フロントアンダーカバー JPY 770,000
76850-89S0A Protector, Body Side Sill RH サイドスカート右 JPY 270,000
76851-89S0A Protector, Body Side Sill LH サイドスカート左 JPY 270,000
84300-89S1E Rid, Trunk トランクリッド JPY 583,000
85022-89S2B Facia, Rear Bumper リアバンパーフェイシア JPY 790,000
85014-89S0A Facia, Rear Bumper Center リアアンダースポイラー部 JPY 650,000
96030-89S0A Air Spoiler Assy, Rear リアスポイラー JPY 690,000
96045-89S0A Cover, Rear Air Spoiler リアスポイラーカバー JPY 50,000
E6110-89S0A Shock Absorber Kit, Front RH フロントショックアブソーバー右 JPY 140,000
E6111-89S0A Shock Absorber Kit, Front LH フロントショックアブソーバー左 JPY 140,000
E6210-89S0A Shock Absorber Kit, Rear RH リアショックアブソーバー右 JPY 140,000
E6211-89S0A Shock Absorber Kit, Rear LH リアショックアブソーバー左 JPY 140,000
54005-89S1C Spring Complete, Front and Rear A スプリングセット JPY 135,000
54005-89S1D Spring Complete, Front and Rear B スプリングセット JPY 135,000
54610-62B0A Stabilizer, Front フロントスタビライザー JPY 29,000
56230-62B0A Stabilizer, Rear リアスタビライザー JPY 10,800
F3100-62BMA Fender, Front RH フロントフェンダー右 JPY 59,500
F3101-62BMA Fender, Front RH フロントフェンダー左 JPY 59,500
14411-JF40A Turbocharger Assy LH ターボチャージャーアッシー左 JPY 650,000
14411-JF30A Turbocharger Assy RH ターボチャージャーアッシー右 JPY 650,000
21710-JF10A Tank Assy, Radiator Reserver ラジエターリザーブタンクアッシー(加圧式) JPY 6,540
17040-JF30C Fuel Pump, In-Tank 燃料ポンプ JPY 65,600
48430-89S0A Wheel Assy Steering w/o Pad ステアリングホイールアッシー(パッド部なし) JPY 110,000
24820-89S0A Speed Meter Assy スピードメーターアッシー JPY 127,000
D0C00-89S0A Wheel, Aluminum Front アルミホイール前 JPY 232,000
D0C00-89S1A Wheel, Aluminum Rear アルミホイール後 JPY 234,000
41182-62B0A Air Guide, Brake Front RH ブレーキエアガイド前右 JPY 15,000
41183-62B0A Air Guide, Brake Front LH ブレーキエアガイド前左 JPY 15,000
41182-JX91A Air Guide, Brake Rear RH ブレーキエアガイド後右 JPY 45,600
41183-JX91A Air Guide, Brake Rear LH ブレーキエアガイド後左 JPY 45,600


Nissan Skyline GT-R with a price tag of 1,000,000 Euros?! 日産スカイラインGT-Rが100万ユーロ?!

A German car shop called “GT-A” has Nissan Skyline GT-R of the R34 for sale with a price tag of… whopping 1,000,000 Euros. It is claimed that this particular car was driven by Paul Walker’s Brian O’Conner character from the Fast and the Furious movie franchise used in the fourth film.

This, also, is an R34 which starred in Fast and Furious 4…

It is a replica of GT-R made from GT-S.

This , also, is an R34 which starred in Fast and Furious 4…

It is a replica , used for stunts, of GT-R made from… god knows what and carries a VW bug engine.

After a bit of Googling, there seems to be 7 R34s/R34 replicas used in the shoot of Fast and Furious 4… Would you still pay 1,000,000 Euros for this GT-R?

Easiest way to make your R35 look as MY14 is…to change headlights and tail lamps! R35を手っ取り早くMY14に見せる方法はヘッドライトとテールランプの交換!

Distinctive difference between MY14 and the rest are the headlights as well as tail lamps.
Parts No. are as listed below:
26010-62B0A 195,195yen
26060-62B0A 195,195yen
<Tail lamps>
26550-62B0A 71,610yen
26555-62B0A 71,610yen
No work is necessary for the change of headlights and tail lamps.

As of 28th Nov, Nissan has appx 15 orders for GT-R Nismo and appx 80 orders for MY14.

Here you can purchase the headlight and tail lamp at GTRotaku.com online store.
Link: MY2014 GT-R用LED

26010-62B0A 195,195円
26060-62B0A 195,195円
26550-62B0A 71,610円
26555-62B0A 71,610円

Link: MY2014 GT-R用LED

11月28日現在、GT-R Nismoは約15台、MY14は約80台の受注しているようです。

Leaked information on GT-R Nismo! And NO HYBRID for R35! GT-Rニスモのリーク情報大公開!R35でのハイブリッドは無し!

We have been excited since the report on trademark registration of “PURE DRIVE Hybrid R”, filed by Nissan, came out. This could’ve been the long anticipated hybrid model for Nissan GT-R which focuses on performance and efficiency like Porsche GT3 Hybrid or Audi R18 E-tron.

But our sources tell us that Nissan has HALTED the development of GT-R Hybrid due to difficulties accommodating the already-state of the art 4WD system together with hybrid management system. Again, the detail is scarce but our sources are very very reliable… We have also obtained further detail on GT-R Nismo.

There will be NO warranty, of the paint, for Dark Mat Gray paint which was revealed at Tokyo Motor Show. If you want GT-R Nismo to perform as capable as the one seen lapping Nurburgring, you will need to purchase “Nismo pack” which will set you back a few million yen (detail still yet to be disclosed).

Nismo pack is said to consist of the bellow:
Ohlins 2-way suspension (normal R35’s front suspension is 60% softer)
Larger carbon rear wing
Carbon rear bulkhead
Carbon bucket seats
Nismo pack aeroparts
Nismo pack brake pads
Nismo carbon intake without BOV

Whether Nismo will tweak on the power output is yet to be decided.

As for the difference between MY13 and MY14 engine are the smoother inner surface of air intake, surge tank and more precise fuel injectors. So, how different are GT-R engine and GT-R Nismo engine? Nismo GT-R has turbos from GT3 as well as Nismo original fuel pump but the way in which they build engines are essentially the same as normal GT-R engines at the same Yokohama plant.
GT-RのMY13とMY14のエンジンの違いは、インテークやサージタンクのバリとりや段とりとインジェクターの精度アップ、のみ。でもって、GT-R ニスモのエンジンはGT3のターボを搭載し、専用燃料噴射装置を装着する以外、作り手も組み立て場所(横浜)も同じです。



日産による「PURE DRIVE R Hybrid」の商標登録が報じられてから、GT-R へのハイブリッドモデル追加が期待されていました。トヨタ・プリウスのようなエコのため、というよりもポルシェ911GT-3ハイブリッドやアウディR18 E-tronといった速さと効率を追求したスーパーモデル・・・。




オーリンズ 2-way サスペンション(基準車のフロントサスはNismoよりも60%柔らかいセッティング)


At the test drive event, we found two types of exhausts for GT-R Nismo. This is the standard pipes.試乗会では二種類のエキゾーストを目撃。これがスタンダード。


This is the titanium exhaust for GT-R Nismo. こっちがチタン製のエキゾースト。


GT-R Nismo which ran on Nurburgring had these pipes made of carbon fiber. ニュルでタイムアタックに挑んだGT-Rニスモは囲った部分がカーボンファイバーでした。