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チューンドGT-Rは0-400m加速を8秒台で駆け抜け・・・、なんだか凄いことになっています。そんな“8秒台クラブ”の一角を担うのが、ドバイのSP Engineering. なんとなくのイメージですけど・・・、お金に糸目を付けない方々のわがままな要望に一生懸命応えていそうです(笑)。

0-400m 8.79sec
Reached Speed 167mph (267.2km/h)

Custom cars そんな彼らのイメージビデオがなかなかカッコ良かったのでご紹介します!


Our Views
Modified GT-Rs are running 0-400m in 8 seconds these days… SP Engineering of Dubai is one of those who managed to join the “8 seconds club”. Their modified R35 looks great and I thought the promotional video of their shop looked good, too.

What caught my attention was the fact that they are building Juke R as well… I can only imagine their customers wanting nothing but the best and spare no expense….