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The world of “Fast and Furious” recreated with R/C cars?! 映画「ワイルドスピード」をラジコンで再現?!

This video is simply stunning. Brilliantly filmed, precisely modeled, and hilariously executed, this Fast & Furious homage is something anyone can love–even if you’re not a fan of the movies.

Behind the scenes is worth watching, too. You’d appreciate how much work had been put in.

Behind the scenes of “Fast & Furious 6” looks amazing, too.

Such a cool film yet I don’t know what the story is… 凄い動画だけどストーリーは解読不能w

I have absolutely no idea what this short film is on about but… who cares when it looks as spectacular as this one? Monster Energy released this short film on YouTube on 1st of April. But it was no April fools.

Could anyone tell us what the story line is? lol