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D&S Night 2013 was as exciting and cool as one would naturally expect. D&Sナイト2013は想像できるとおり熱くクールなドラッグシーン

D&S Night 2013, as featured, has taken place last week at Sendai Highland Circuit. There were over 150 participants and fair bit of crowd despite the event taking place in the night. Japanese drag racing is back on track.


10th anniversary of D&S Night 2013! D&S Night2013、今年は10周年記念イベント

At Sendai Highland circuit’s drag course, an event called “D&S night 2013” will be held on the 3rd of August. There will be a gathering of dressed up cars as well as drag cars and lots drag races of cars along with bikes. This is their 10th year of holding drag race event and it’s hot and smokey…obviously.


Revival 1/4 mile
Japan drag race way

japan drag race way

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Japan Drag Raceway is back! 仙台ハイランドSS1/4マイル復活記念

Japan Drag Raceway has returned to Sugo Highland Circuit in Sendai, Japan. GT-R drivers, surely, were waiting for its return.

The memorial event, for the return, was held last month. Enjoy the video!

日本のGT-Rユーザーが持ち望んだ、japan drag  レースウエイが完全復活!仙台ハイランドSS1/4マイル復活記念ドラッグイベントの模様をお届けします。

日時:2013年5月11日(土)テストデー  12日(日)イベントデー(本番)
場所:仙台ハイランド ドラッグコース