Every luxury sport car needs their branded bikes? ! 高級スポーツカーに欠かせないのは自転車?!

It is fair to say that Nissan tried to transform the image of R35 GT-R from that of previous Skyline GT-R series. As far as I’m aware, Nissan tried to discourage people from tuning R35 by stating in warranty that if the car is modified, Nissan, basically, would void its warranty. But many people didn’t care what Nissan said and went ahead and tuned their R35. As we’ve seen on YouTube and what have you, many of them with impressive performance.

I had been pondering upon the reason for Nissan’s failure to place R35 as luxury sport car such as Porsche 911. Nissan tried to transform dealerships into GT-R exclusive salon-like shops… but many franchise owners didn’t follow through. Sales staff were never used to selling expensive luxury sport cars anyway… And I noticed one thing… Many luxury sport car brands offer bicycles but Nissan doesn’t!

But I came across this hybrid bike called “GT-R”… even the logo looks familiar… And as you can guess, this bike has nothing to do with Nissan GT-R…lol