GT-R convertible… NCE will make one if they get an order. オーダーが入れば、NCEは絶対に作るに違いない?!

The rendering of GT-R convertible has been going around on internet for quite a while. Newport Convertible Engineering, whose quest seems to be creating convertibles of ALL the automobiles, has just released its concept of GT-R convertible.

Just take a look at their gallery and you will see that as soon as a customer’s order comes in, they will build one.


世の中にある車のすべてをオープンカーにすることを社是に掲げている、Newport Convertible EngineeringがFacebookページで一枚の写真を公開しました。


「NCE has successfully completed…」とあれば、コンバーチブル化したものです。