Nissan UK’s “eVision” 英国日産が取り組む「eVision」

Nissan UK has introduced a new customer relatioship management programme called “eVision”. Nissan is introducing video-walkthroughs of vehicles to be shown to customers before work is performed. Basically it involves mechanics making a quick iPhone video of a customer car, pointing out what needs attention, then e-mailing said video to the customer for review before the work is approved. A “green-yellow-red” scale of repair-necessity will be included along with a cost estimate of the work.

Anyone who’s had a phone call from a mechanic telling you your brake pads/serpentine belt/flux capacitor is “looking pretty worn” would surely appreciate technology like this coming into the main stream. It’s also a win for honest mechanics, who could use this tool to debunk negative stereotypes about their revenue-generating practices.

Why Nissan hasn’t introduced this service in Japan, we have no idea…