R33 loses acceleration battle against a mobility scooter?! 電動車椅子に負けたR33スカイライン?!

Yesterday, we featured a kick-ass R33 GT-Ron facebook. But today, an R33 Skyline’s ass was kicked by… a mobility scooter?! The buys at Garage Insanity have built something very unique. Their goal was to create the world’s fastest mobility scooter and they are now looking forward to verifying the claim with the Guinness Book of Records on August 31.

Powering this highly modded mobility scooter is a 600cc engine from Suzuki GSX-600F motorbike, with Garage Insanity having recorded a super impressive 13.281 second 1/4 mile run at 163.8 km/h.

Had it been an R33 GT-R, instead of GTS-T, things might have been a bit different.

昨日、ロンドンで撮影されたムチャクチャカッコ良いR33 GT-RをFacebookでご紹介しました。今日は・・・、R33スカイラインの敗北シーンです。しかも何に負けたって・・・、電動車椅子にです(笑)。Garage Infinityというチームがあるんですが、世界最速電動車椅子を作ろうと盛り上がっているんです。しかも、8月31日にはギネス記録に挑戦するのだとか。