R33 Skyline GT-R with HEAT SENSITIVE PAINT?! 温感塗料で全塗したR33スカイラインGT-R

Having your car re-painted takes bit of courage as there is no turning back unless you keep re-painting. Over the recent years, drivers have been enjoying vinyl wraps as you can always rip it off and have the car back in original paint. Especially in used car market, original paint is usully an important factor. The vinyl wrapping became popular with its matte colors, chrome colors and the trend seems to be moving towards… brushed.

But that doesn’t stop paint shops to come up with something unique to catch people’s attention. What I encountered, recently, on YouTube is an R33 Nissan Skyline GT-R with… HEAT SENSITIVE PAINT!!! It comes from Auto Kandy, a paint shop located in the UK. Yes, that is just water being poured on the body, yet it’s completely altering the color of the car, from that brilliant orange to an oily black.


ラッピングって流行ってますよねぇ。好きな色に替えてもラッピングを剥がせばイイだけで、売却時には再塗装という評価がされません。マット系、クローム系と流行ってきましたが、トレンドはブラシ仕上げに向かっているのでしょうか?個人的にはブラシ仕上げのゴールド、嫌いじゃありません!でも、車を好きな色に全塗する、っていう男気溢れるプラモデル感覚も大好きです。っで、イギリスのAuto KandyなるショップがYouTubeにアップした動画が、ちょっとした話題を呼んでいるんです。