R35 has no soul? R35には走りに魂が感じられない、そうです・・・

Nissan GT-R is a bargain. With a sub-3-second 0-100km/h time, enormous grip, and a host of performance-enhancing technologies, the GT-R is, undoubtedly, amongst the best. But the GT-R has been knocked for being too efficient and precise in how it delivers its substantial performance, for lacking the “soul” of some of its European rivals.

The host of Motor Trend’s “world’s fastest car show’ Justin Bell takes Nissan’s supercar to the track, to see if it lives up to both its mythical and clinical reputations.

As for the torque distribution, Nissan set it so that anyone can drive fast through coners. It is unfortunate that none of the motor journalists fail to point that out… What the hell is “soul” anyway? Does the car have to be edgy at times to be called “soulful”?

Will the next generation GT-R be soulful or do Japanese not have the ability to make cars with souls?


モータートレンド誌が展開している「World’s fastest car show」というビデオで2014年モデルのR35を取り上げています。ル・マン優勝者でもある元レーシングドライバー、ジャスティン・ベルが試乗しているんですが、絶対性能は認めつつも、サーキットではイマイチ「魂を感じられない」と難しいことを申されております(笑)。