The sound of Infiniti Q50 Eau Rouge Concept!    インフィニティQ50 Eau Rouge コンセプトのエンジン音!

Infiniti is going to display Q50 Eau Rouge concept at the 2014 Geneva International Motor Show in March. For now, Infiniti will only give us two pieces of the puzzle that is the powertrain of the Q50 Eau Rouge, including the fact that it’s a turbocharged unit and a video with its soundtrack.

If our guess is right, they will use de-tuned version of VR38DTT. Infiniti has released a YouTube video containing the sound of the Q50 Eau Rouge concept, so they claim. In the opening and ending, we hear the familiar VR38DETT sound but in the middle… we hear two modified RB26 sound as well????

インフィニティのコンセプトカー、Q50 Eau Rouge コンセプトは、未だ市販化は未定です。が、ジュネーブモーターショーにも出展するらしく、YouTubeではエンジン音を聞かせるティザー動画がアップされています。まぁ、順当に考えてVR38DETTのディチューン版なんですけど、動画の頭とお尻だけがVR38DETTっぽいです。