London supercars are basically hated… ロンドンではスーパーカーが嫌われる?

London has become a favorite summer destination for the “rich” of Middle East in the past few years. If you search “London Supercar” on YouTube, as many of you have already done, there are many video clips. They fly their supercars into London and speed around the luxurious parts of the town. We see them driving around in the south of France as well. Ah, such tough life…lol

It may be true that supercar noise is disturbing the Londoners’ sleep but… they retaliate by blocking a Lamborghini Aventador with a bike… intentionally?!

R35 wasn’t attacked but poor Ferrari 458 Italia Spyder was attacked with an egg…

Londoners be more tolerant as these boys are spending lots of money in town…

YouTubeで「London Supercar」と検索すれば、中東系大富豪たちが様々なスーパーカーでロンドンの高級エリアを疾走しているたくさんの動画に出くわします。なんでも夏休みの間、クルマを母国から空輸して遊んでいるんですって・・・。ロンドンに限らず、南仏でも多いですよねぇ。いやはや、遊びのスケールが違います(笑)。