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Unofficial Juke R is very cool! ロシアのチューナーが作り出したジュークR仕様

Juke R, undoubtedly, is one of the craziest and funkiest cars around with a very BIG price tag. As it is a Nissan Juke with an R35 hardware, the Russian tuning house called SV Engineering decided to build one themselves. Some people may remember this epic run of Juke R against Bugatti Veyron. It could not quite beat the Veyron but it was pretty close.


Currently, this Juke R is running at bit over 800ps…


We would like to see more transplant of R35 hardware…


R35 that carries a Chevrolet LS1 engine?! シボレーLS1エンジンを搭載するR35?!

I encountered a YouTube video featuring what it appears to be an R35 fitted with Chevrolet LS1 engine…


What? Who would be silly enough to throw away that awesome twin turbo V6, VR38DETT? Well, as it tunred out, the story is quite… mixed up. It’s Nissan, S15, Sylvia with LS1 engine that has been modified to look as an R35! Oh, Russia…





A new speed record for GT-R at UNLIMITED+500 Unlimited+500におけるGT-Rの記録更新

The 1,700hp+ Nissan GT-R Goliath by Switzer set a new top speed record in a 1 mile (1.6 kilometers) run for GT-Rs at the latest Moscow Unlimited 500+ racing event. According to the organizers, only two other vehicles have surpassed the 400km/h mark in a 1 mile run, a “Ford GT at 430km/h and a Chevrolet Camaro at 402km/h.

Switzer’s heavily modified, yet, street legal GT-R Goliath reached a speed of 402.23 km/h in 1 mile after just 22.602 seconds.

The Goliath was made for an unnamed client (likely from Russia) with Switzer stating the following about said car:

The car the client asked us to build had to be ‘for street use’, not just ‘street legal’. “The difference there is the difference between ‘comfortable’ and ‘tolerable’. He made it very clear that he expected this to be a ‘real car’ with full climate control, cruise control, sound system – all the amenities, in other words.

He also wanted the car to run a low 20-second ET at the Moscow Unlimited.





Heavy rain and drag race don’t mix well… 大雨とドラッグレースは相性が悪い・・・

This clip was shot by dragtimes.ru in the Dmitrovsky District outside Moscow, the GT-R on the right looks like it’s headed for a normal run on a drag strip when it suddenly breaks to the left, slamming into the end of a guardrail and becoming airborne from the impact. It then proceeds to spin at least five times before finally coming to a halt.

Thanks to its crumple zone, the cabin seems intact despite the intensity of this accident. But the driver doesn’t come out of the car for quite a while… What is he/she doing?

It turns out the driver was taking his/her time by hanging some clothing on a hanger because she is just that smooth, like this sort of thing happens every day. Also, she’s not wearing a helmet, because Russia. We should be expecting a dashcam view of this crash shortly, also because Russia.