R35 replica made by New Millennium Motors in China… 中国の新千年的汽車なる業者がR35レプリカを作るとか・・・

I was browsing through YouTube and have encountered what is said to be the replica of an R35. Yes, it is made in China by the team called New Millennium Motors. Despite my effort for googling them, there was nothing. So all I can tell you is of the description written on the post of a YouTube video.

“NEW Nissan GT R Replica Made In China By New Millennium Motors 2014
These are 2 exclusive pictures that were just released to me, now copy protected, of a company’s example of their Nissan GT-R replica, made in CHINA. Styling is directly aimed at the GT-R, performance isn’t comparable as it’s supposed to have a 3 cylinder 1.5L turbo and automatic. YEAH, 3 cylinder! The company is searching for engine manufacturers in Australia, don’t know what they’re interested in though, maybe older engine castings that were sold by Toyota.
Not much else for information…”

What? 3 cylinder 1.5l turbo??????

I also found a YouTube video of an R33 being converted into an R35 pasted below the Japanese blog. Honestly, I don’t know if it’s worth the effort…

This particular sample of so-called replica R35 looks as though it is the “real” R35… made to look like replica by replacing badges… Ah well, when and if we find out more on it, we’ll let you all know!

GT-R Otakuなのに、なかなかGT-Rネタがなくって困っている、担当者ですが・・・、今日はなかなか面白いネタを拾ってきました。何かないものかしらん、とYouTubeを漁っていたら、出くわしたのがR35のレプリカ。期待通り(?)中国にあるニュー・ミレニアム・モータース(新千年的汽車)というところが2枚の写真を公開したらしく、アップロードした人が公開しています。ただ・・・、どうGoogle検索してもひっかかってきません。というわけで、YouTubeに記載されている通りにご紹介します。